Learning through Laughter

Bob Owen, Humorist

We’re being taken advantage of – the Boomer generation.  Those “young people” aren’t fair.  Anything we do that they don’t like is thrown in our faces because we’re “too old to know better” or we “won’t be around all that long.”

That’s unfair on so many levels.

If we drivers of “advanced age” start honking in traffic, people roll their eyes and shake their heads because we’re old and stupid.  Never mind that the idiot in front of us was sitting at the light three seconds after it had changed.

When a kid pulls behind us in the right lane on the highway and tries to kiss our rear bumper, we’re considered senile when we push in the hazard signal to make them think we’re braking. They tell everyone they know that we’re in advanced stages of dementia when we hand gesture.  That is just not right.

I heard some very-non-Boomers talking about a group of “old, senile codgers” they had seen in a tourist gift shop. (Gross.  “Codger” is such a dated term.) The place featured household gifts and specialty foods.  Throughout the store, free samples of the various cookies and appetizers were in baskets or on plates for all to help themselves.  Those disrespectful young punks made fun of the “codgers” for being pushy and hogging the food – standing in front of the baskets and keeping others from trying the samples.  They berated the busload of Boomers.  (And, after we had cleaned up after them all those years!)

If kids go into a restaurant and don’t tip the service staff enough or are rude, no one says much.  But, we Boomers are called “pitiful and older than dirt” when we’re impatient when a waiter or waitress doesn’t take our drink or food order quickly enough or if they make one tiny mistake in the order.  They act particularly worrisome when we make a loud comment such as, “This would be a great place to have a restaurant.  All they need is service.”

Heaven forbid if you misread the medicine label and call the doctor’s office for clarification when you’re only taking half the pain medicine because you’re afraid you’ll get addicted to the pills.

I’m fed up with being criticized just because I’ve lived a long, long, long, long time.  I’m tired of being credited with rudeness and hatefulness on account of my age.  I get angry when people shake their heads and say I’m ready for “the home” just because I forget my wife’s name, or call my son by the dog’s name.

How presumptuous!  How dare they blame all of these maladies on our age?   

I am incensed!  I’ve always been rude, impatient, forgetful, and troublesome.  Age has nothing to do with it.

Date of Blog Story: 
March 25, 2008

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