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Bob Owen has coached organizations nationwide in problem solving and improving operations.

Bob Owen has served businesses, industries, and organizations in creating solutions that lead to growth and more efficient, effective work practices. Requests are as varied as the groups:

  • "I want employees to feel a sense of urgency in achieving goals. We want to focus on accountability and becoming better managers. Communications is a major problem. Can you help us? Help us implement team skills into our organization. Handling emergency situations baffles us. Help!"
  • "Our group needs to learn to handle stress better. Would you design a program for us?"

With 35 years of experience, Bob Owen combines humor and a creative approach to management when designing  individual programs and workshops.  He challenges groups to look at current practices and ways of thinking and creates a fun approach that results in individual and group action plans.  Whether in board meetings, retreats, workshops, or on-site training, Bob Owen will make a difference in:

Employee morale
Team building
How choices affect the bottom line
Customer service
Handling stress in the workplace
Relationship building
Effective communications
Going from ordinary to extraordinary

Bob Owen has:

  • More than 35 years communications and marketing experience with small businesses and organizations, Fortune 50 Companies, and Education Groups
  • Crisis Management Experience
  • Developed local, regional, and national advertising campaigns
  • Presented local, regional, and national keynote addresses and workshops

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