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Humorous Motivational Keynote Addresses

  • Ensure the success of your next strategic planning or economic development meeting.
  • Entertain your members with a humorous motivational speaker.

Keynote Addresses

With more than 35 years experience, Bob Owen uses high energy and humor in  keynote addresses and workshops on state, regional, and national levels and in facilitating meetings.

Bob has enthusiasm for people and a hilarious spontaneity that makes his audiences feel comfortable. He not only has a thorough understanding of his topic, but also is insightful about people and relationships.  He tells stories on himself, his family, and friends. When asked if his stories are true, he laughs, “All of my stories are true(ish). There’s truth in there somewhere.”

Keynote addresses include:

“Develop customers who RAVE about you” …

“Satisfied” customers can leave you. Develop devoted customers by focusing on “little things” that lead to big bottom line results. Getting results is a craft that can be learned, and Bob breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps. Learn what truly extraordinary service can do for you.

“Watch your parsley!” …

When I was 7 years old, I asked Mom why she served parsley with food, since we didn’t eat it.  She said, “Honey, parsley is pretty, and you must never forget, presentation is everything.”  This keynote focuses on how to present ourselves and how we shouldn’t settle for “ordinary,” when “extraordinary” is just as easy.

“My brother’s a team player as long as he heads the team.” …

Being a team player isn’t something that someone else can order for us. It’s a role we choose for ourselves and our situations.  This keynote deals with how we can balance the many different roles we may need to play – maybe in the same day and in the same workplace.

“Did I say that?!?” …

Throughout the course of a day, our interactions are filled with “mis-communications.” Some are intentional and others creep up from behind and slap us in the head. This keynote pokes fun at how we misuse the English language, yet makes serious points on how we can better communicate.

“Playing well with others” …

CEOs nationwide have defined The Top Two Skills needed in the workforce as 1) a customer-focused attitude and b) being a team player. Together these mean for today’s students to make it in the workforce they need to “play well with others.” This keynote shares how business and education can work together to ensure the success of our future workforce.

Bob Owen has:

  • More than 35 years communications and marketing experience with small businesses and organizations, Fortune 50 Companies, and Education Groups
  • Crisis Management Experience
  • Developed local, regional, and national advertising campaigns
  • Presented local, regional, and national keynote addresses and workshops

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