Learning through Laughter

Bob Owen, Humorist

I’ve been writing a blog “somewhat approximating weekly” for a couple of years now.  There’s no question about my motives.  I ‘m doing it for the money.  Well, at least potential money.  More like money that could come along if someone reads my blog and likes it enough to hire me as a humorous speaker.  I’m not doing this to see my words in “print.”  I’ve been writing for more than 40 years, so that’s not a motivator.  And, I’m not doing it for the attention.  Sure I am, but not totally.

This is primarily a marketing tool for my humorous speeches and workshops.  And it’s working.  I’ve gotten a good deal of business because of Boomer Humor.

But, I’m still waiting for the big break.  Others have done it.  Why can’t I?  Part of the problem is simple.  No dirty words.  No bad thoughts.  No foul mouth.  That can pretty much kill a blog’s potential, I guess.

Another author’s blog involved cooking and led to a book and a major motion picture.  You know about it.  Frankly, I read the book and absolutely loved the movie.  It was a great story, and, the blog’s content certainly was creative and unusual.  But, the language in the book was enough to turn the air blue. Dark blue. THE four-letter word was used in such abundance that I had to breath in a paper bag a couple of times to keep from hyperventilating.

Another example was written by a young man who twittered his “favorite sayings” from his Dad.  It’s now a book and a new TV series.  I quickly thumbed through the book to consider the direction in which my writing perhaps should head.  WHOA.  The language isn’t questionable.  It’s off the charts vile in my humble opinion.  And Politically Correct isn’t even considered.  A point in its favor is that the content is “equal opportunity.”  It can offend any one.

I don’t blame the writers for sharing their thoughts.  That’s one of the freedoms we still enjoy here in the good ole USA.  It just shows me what sells big time and what I might need to do if I want to reach “the big time.”

But, dagnabbit.  I just don’t think I can do it.  So much for the movies!  Heck!  Golly gee!

Date of Blog Story: 
August 10, 2010

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