Learning through Laughter

Bob Owen, Humorist

Good friends of ours were hosting his law firm’s Christmas party at their home and had bought gag gifts to give to the attorneys. Because some of the gifts were “rather personal,” you might say, the hosts wanted Santa Claus to be someone who knew everyone in the firm pretty well. And someone who could take a joke. That would be me.

I hadn’t been Santa at a party before, so I was excited, especially after they dropped by a really top-rate Santa costume for me to wear. On that Saturday night, I got all dressed up, strutting before the mirror because I looked so fine in red, and went to the party to tease everyone and give out gifts. It was fantastic fun, and I was surprised how many of the people didn’t recognize me. Even with my distinct voice.

When I left the party, I was feeling “in the role,” so I called our neighbors who had two children – four-year-old Nick and Gina, who was a couple or so years older. When Diane answered, I explained. “I’ve been at a party playing Santa, and I’m really looking good in the role. Do you want me to stop by as Santa and see Nick and Gina before I go home?” She said Gina was out with Poppa (Dad) but I was welcome to come and see Nick. She thought it was a great idea.

When Nick answered the door and saw Santa standing right there on his front porch, his eyes got as big as saucers. I went in and danced around and had Nick tell me what he wanted for Christmas. He couldn’t stop talking. “Santa I want this, and Santa, please bring Gina that.” I was amazed. And I felt wonderful at having fooled everyone all night. No one knew me.

An hour later, Poppa called to thank me for coming over. He said Nick really enjoyed it, and then he started laughing. Really laughing. Laughing hard. “I have to tell you what happened,” he said.

It seems that when Gina and her Dad came home, Diane said, “Nick, tell them who came by to see you.” Nick was so excited he could hardly contain himself. "Oh, Poppa, Santa Claus came by and I told him what I want for Christmas."

His Dad questioned, “Nick, really? Santa came to see you?” Nick didn’t hesitate a second. “Actually, it was Mr. Owen, but he was having such a good time pretending, I didn’t want to tell him I knew who he was.”

Date of Blog Story: 
December 13, 2009

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