Learning through Laughter

Bob Owen, Humorist

After my wife and I put our two sons through college and watched them begin their own families, we made a commitment to travel more and enjoy some of the places we’d only read about.

A couple of years ago we went to Italy. Frankly, we were pretty proud of ourselves in making all the arrangements. Actually, I include myself in the “we” in that my wife did all the work and I said, “great job, honey.”  She got on the internet, made our plane reservations and researched bed and breakfasts and hotels in the towns we wanted to visit.  She even bought museum tickets.

Next, we turned our attention to packing.  We bought special lightweight travel suitcases and back packs, good hiking shoes, and those lightweight shirts, shorts and slacks all the catalogs sell.

It was wonderful.

A major part of our trip was centered around small, rural communities so we could go hiking.   Due to our age, one of our sons was overly concerned about the all the walking and physical nature of our trip.  Honestly, he offended me.  “We are extremely healthy and in great condition,” I told him.  “We won’t have any problems.”

Before we were to leave, he came by to wish us Bon Voyage, and I took him up to our guest room to show him all our travel supplies laid out on the bed.  We had our passports and the maps of all the cities we were visiting.  I made the mistake of telling him I wanted to pack another shirt and pair of shorts but didn’t have the space.

So, he said, “Maybe I can help,” and he began looking through my suitcase.  He pulled out a black bag, and said, “What this?”

“That’s our medicine,” I answered.

And he said, “What for?  I thought you are so healthy.”

“I am,” I said.  “These are just my daily pills.  Multivitamins, pills for reflux, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Glucosamine Chondroitin for joints, blood pressure medicine.”

He laughed.  “Dad, do you know how old this makes you sound?   And what’s in this other pouch?”

“Just normal stuff,” I said.  “Extra bifocals, arch supports, knee brace, and a blood pressure pump.”

“My gosh Dad,” he finally said, “it’s a good thing you’re in such great shape or you wouldn’t have room for any clothes.”

Date of Blog Story: 
March 11, 2008

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