Learning through Laughter

Bob Owen, Humorist

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Learning through Laughter

Each interactive workshop by Bob Owen focuses on humor, coaches your organization through specific issues, and includes goal setting. You leave with an action plan.

Bob Owen coaches with a contagious enthusiasm for people and a hilarious spontaneity that makes his audiences feel comfortable. He not only has a thorough understanding of his topic, but also is insightful about people and relationships.

Suggestions include:

Develop Customers who Rave about You
Take Employees from Ordinary to Extraordinary
Create a sense or urgency in improving sales
Dealing with Difficult Employees
Good Isn’t Good Enough
Working smarter/Building relationships
Team & Trust Building
Putting Service in the Service Industry
Laughing Through Stress
Attitude Rocks!
Effective Communications

Or a combination of these and other topics

Bob Owen has:

  • More than 35 years communications and marketing experience with small businesses and organizations, Fortune 50 Companies, and Education Groups
  • Crisis Management Experience
  • Developed local, regional, and national advertising campaigns
  • Presented local, regional, and national keynote addresses and workshops

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