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Bob Owen, Humorist

Surprisingly, to me at least, was that I got a good deal of feedback from last week’s blog about Boomer Humor: The Movie.  What shocked me most was that people had valid suggestions.  And gave their reasons.

One fellow writer suggested Richard Jenkins, an actor on Six Feet Under, and even included links to a couple of articles and photos.  I was flattered.  Nice looking bald guy.  Accomplished actor.  I think I need to buy her a gift.

My wife was a lot less than tongue-in-cheek about chiding me for even considering anyone – much less Richard Jenkins.  “You’re surely not taking any of this seriously,” she laughed.  “Absolutely NOT,” I stressed.  “No way.  That’s ridiculous,” I said as I slinked off to my room, deflated and hurt.  I was counting on this as my one chance at stardom.

A lady in my church choir offered, “Robert Downey, Junior, definitely.  That’s you.”   I was almost too afraid to ask why, but I mustered up courage.  “Why?”  “Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “He has a playful attitude and a little smirk to his smile.”  “I’m not sure about him,” I smirked back.

Two other suggestions were Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.  Now even I think they’re ridiculous.  They’re just too old and not good looking enough to play me.  Come on now!

A buddy from Florida gave me something to grab on to.  Woody Harrelson.  I’ve liked him every since he starred as the crazy bartender.

Then, I got the defining suggestion.  A friend with a close association with Garrison Keillor said after living through the making of his movie, “There’s no way around it.  You have to play yourself.”  As for the part about my refusing to take my shirt off. “If you get a good trainer and absolutely kill yourself, it might be the new, most recent making of you.”

That’s it.  I can’t refute someone who has lived through the process.  It was decided!  I’ll be me.

Thinking about the new, improved buff Bob with my shirt off, I casually said to my wife, “I’ll need a love interest in the movie.  There has to be a little creative tension, don’t you think?”

“Listen, buster,” she said as she kissed me on the cheek, “the love interest will be your wife – that would be ME.  You know, behind every successful man and all that.”

I was hoping more for Sandra Bullock but knew better than to suggest it.  “OK, then.  Well, if I’m going to play myself, then you can play yourself.”

Brenda looked at me with that deer in the headlights look.  “Do you mean it?!?!?”  “Of course, I do honey.” 

She hesitated.  Well, I’ll consider it, but maybe we could get Brad Pitt to play you.”

Date of Blog Story: 
August 25, 2009

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