Learning through Laughter

Bob Owen, Humorist

Audience Comments

Bob spoke at our opening day ceremony when Lexington Community College and Central Kentucky Technical College came together for the first time. He immediately got everyone involved and engaged. Using humor and good solid advice, Bob kicked off our new year and our new institution on a high, positive and fun-filled note. He has a great message for everyone.”

Dr. Jim Kerley, President LCC/Central Kentucky Technical College

Bob the team builder. Like Bob the Builder, Bob Owen brings a wonderful spirit of collaboration to any team he is working with. Bob’s encouraging spirit, sense of humor coupled with his ability to turn motivation into goals with an action plan is a real asset to any team that chooses to host him. Our team benefited tremendously from his style, ideas and leadership. Can he build it? Yes he can!

Alex Carmichel, President, Kentucky United Methodist Children’s Home

Bob had everyone laughing. It is great to motivate people with encouraging words and praise but to do it by using laughter takes a special gift from God. He had the most positive energy about him.

Charity Wilson, Lyon County Chamber of Commerce

Bob Owen recently spoke to our management group and was very well received. His high energy level kept us interested and involved, even during an afternoon session. He also was thoroughly entertaining while presenting substantive information.

Susan Beth McKenzie, VP Human Resources, St. Mary’s Medical Center

I want to thank you for conducting a valuable workshop for our Mayors and Council members. The audience participation was evidence of your ability to work with individuals to bring out importation information, while making participants feel comfortable. If all our trainers were as flexible and able as you to develop workshops to meet specific needs, we would have more viable training.

Karen Butcher, Leadership and Training Manager, Kentucky League of Cities

We have had only positive feedback on Bob’s remarks. They were
“right on target” and given with humor and a flair that only you he can do.
Bob gave the best message for United Way of any in the past 10 years.

Steve Towler, Executive Director, Northeast Kentucky United Way

Bob has a high energy level, a magnificent sense of humor, and a relaxed presentation style and offers serious information in a memorable way.

Dr. Jay Smink, Executive Director, National Dropout Prevention Center

Other comments…

“Bob has great delivery. I particularly enjoyed how he embedded his message into
each story and continued to build upon each throughout his presentation.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the highest, I rate Bob a 12!”

“Bob has an upbeat, positive attitude.”

“He left me with a positive attitude to complete me day. I really liked his uptempo
style and his stories.”

“I wish Bob could speak to me at least once a week to help motivate me.”

“I liked the ease of his talk and his excitement for the subject matter.”

“Great stories!”

“Bob was great! He played the role of comedian as well as teacher and related well to the audience through anecdotes.”

Bob Owen has:

  • More than 35 years communications and marketing experience with small businesses and organizations, Fortune 50 Companies, and Education Groups
  • Crisis Management Experience
  • Developed local, regional, and national advertising campaigns
  • Presented local, regional, and national keynote addresses and workshops

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