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Bob Owen, Humorist

Bob Owen, Motivational humorist

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Keynote Addresses

  • “Develop Customers who RAVE about you”
  • “Education is the key” – focuses on what business needs from today’s graduates
  • “Watch your parsley” – how our attitude labels us
  • “Did I say that?” – how we “miscommunicate”
  • “My brother’s a team player as long as he’s head of the team” – how to build team skills


  • Bob Owen has coached businesses, industries, and organizations nationwide in problem solving and improving operations. Requests are as varied as the groups.


Suggested workshops include:

  • Develop Customers Who RAVE About You
  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Good Isn’t Good Enough
  • Working Smarter/Building Relationships
  • Team & Trust Building
  • Putting Service in the Service Industry
  • Laughing Through Stress
  • Attitude Rocks
  • Effective Communications
  • Other issues needed

Radio Addresses

  • Bob provides two-minute humorous commentaries on “life as a Boomer”  for public radio stations. In them, he celebrates our aging majority by poking fun at himself and at others.

Public Relations and Marketing

  • Marketing Analysis – developing marketing plans to meet internal and external communications goals
  • Advertising – creating multimedia image-building and advertising campaigns
  • Public Relations – developing internal and external communications plans, news releases, media conferences, community relations, event planning, and a wide range of other activities
  • Media Relations – responding to media inquiries and initiate media interest
  • Meeting Facilitating – defining meeting goals; conducts efficient product meetings; finalizes action plan
  • Communications reorganization – defining an efficient department structure to meet communications goals
  • Crisis Management – developing comprehensive crisis plans for businesses and organizations
  • Strategic planning – developing a comprehensive strategic plan for businesses and organizations

Meeting Facilitating

  • Strategic planning
  • Economic development
  • Downsizing
  • Product development

Bob Owen has:

  • More than 35 years communications and marketing experience with small businesses and organizations, Fortune 50 Companies, and Education Groups
  • Crisis Management Experience
  • Developed local, regional, and national advertising campaigns
  • Presented local, regional, and national keynote addresses and workshops

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